James Rodriguez makes history as JR10 Token is launched on SelfDax

This not only means that more fans can possess JR10 Token now, but also marks James as the first person in the world to realize the trading and circulation of personal digital assets. It has once again made history and opened a new era of personal value digitization.

JR10 Token is a personal cryptocurrency launched by James Rodriguez through the SelfSell platform. The issuance of JR10 Token enables James to eventually realize the digitization of his personal brand and value. It will become a new connector for James and his fans; and build a large fan base, as well as a full range of usage scenarios, providing users with convenient and brilliant experiences in the digital fan economy.

Fans who hold JR10 Token can soon use it to participate in auctions of James”s personal items, exclusively purchasing his valuable belongings such as his match-worn jerseys and boots. The tokens can also be used to buy tickets and to get access to James”s on-ground meetings. Fans also have the rights to purchase James”s limited-edition souvenirs & JR10 branded customized merchandises, digital rewards etc. The further expansion of the JR10 Token usage scenarios is in development by SelfSell, such as building an ecosystem for James”s worldwide fans to enjoy more rights and rewards via JR10 Token.

JR10 Token”s officially opening trading on SelfDax made James not only a pioneer in the blockchain field, but also the first person to achieve the circulation of personal digital assets. At the same time, it also satisfied tens of millions of fans around the world in possessing and consuming JR10 Token, enabling more fans to participate in the usage of the JR10 Token.

It is worth mentioning that the platform where JR10 Token is launched, SelfDax, is the world”s first personal digital assets trading platform. On SelfDax, users can trade between JR10 Token and SSC, the platform”s token.

SelfDax is a trading platform of blockchain company SelfSell (SSC), focusing on personal digital assets. The SelfSell (SSC) brand has built a vertical ecosystem of personal value digitization, whose core is made up of the main network (main chain), wallet, investment and financing platform and exchange. In the future, SelfSell plans to introduce more personal digital assets that are based on personal value to help realize dreams. Users can hold and trade these assets to conduct investment and consumption, which also signals the rise of a new era–personal digital economy. More investors and investees are expected to achieve positive interaction through the platform built by SelfSell, thus the personal value digitization and social value maximization could be achieved simultaneously.

SINGAPORE, Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On September 27th, football superstar James Rodriguez”s personal digital currency JR10 Token officially launched on SelfDax (www.selfdax.com),  a trading platform of blockchain company SelfSell (SSC).