George Clooney helps British woman get over a break-up!

Available on VOD November 15th

LONDON, Nov. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films and Fluffy Cat Productions are proud to present the charming romantic comedy, For the Love of George. Directed by Maria Burton and written by Nadia Jordan and Hayley Nolan, it”s the perfect reminder that happiness is not dependent on finding the perfect man…even if that man is George Clooney!

Starring Nadia Jordan, Rex Lee, Rosanna Arquette, Tate Donovan, Kristen Johnston and Marina Sirtis.

For the Love of George premiere”s at BFI London on November 14 and is available November 15 for £8.99 – £13.99 Rent or Buy on iTunes and Google Play. It will also be available on Amazon Prime.

Set in 2014, Poppy Wakefield”s seemingly perfect life is shattered when she discovers her husband is having an affair. When she receives a well- timed invitation to visit her friend Justin in LA, she takes off on a quest to cross paths with whom she believes is the perfect man – George Clooney!

‘As well as paying tribute George Clooney, the story has a timely and relevant female empowerment theme’, said producer Nadia Jordan, who plays the lead and co-wrote the screenplay. ‘It reminds us to never compromise our happiness and that women do not need a man to make them happy’.

Originally from Essex, Jordan moved to LA in 2009, when Clooney was at the height of popularity. ‘George was this handsome, funny, intelligent guy. The media were obsessed with him, women wanted to date him and men wanted to be him. He was the perfect subject for this film!’

She confesses that bringing the film to the screen was not easy. ‘I was this unknown British woman meeting with Hollywood producers and coming up against a lot of closed doors. They loved the concept but did not want to take a chance on someone with no proven track record’. Fed up of being rejected, the final straw came when a male financier asked her to rewrite the film to portray the cheating husband in a more favorable light. So, just like Poppy does in the movie, Jordan decided to take control of her own destiny and she produced the film herself. She raised the entire film budget, cast herself as the lead and Rosanna Arquette and Tate Donovan as co-stars. ‘There are definitely similarities between myself and Poppy’, Jordan states. ‘I also moved to LA to start a new life following the breakdown of a relationship’.

However, the similarities do not end there. Jordan went to great lengths to get Clooney”s participation in the film. ‘You could say life imitated art in some shape or form’, laughs Jordan. Did she succeed? ‘You”ll have to watch the movie!’.



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