Filter Nozzles: The Best Media Retention Device in Water Treatment

Filter Nozzles: The Best Media Retention Device in Water Treatment

Filter Nozzles: The Best Media Retention Device in Water Treatment

Filtration plays a major role in the water treatment process that helps convert waste water to clean water that’s usable. Be it the usual water purification process for domestic use like in irrigation, swimming pools, or in the waste water treatment and industrial water treatment, water filter nozzles are known to provide the means of good distribution of water.

Filter nozzles by ILMAP are made in Italy and are carefully designed using high quality WRAS approved material (POLYPROPYLENE and ABS). These materials are perfect for contact with hygienic water that are fit to use for domestic purposes. The filtered water has met the quality requirements of BS6920-1:2000 and/or 2014.

What is the Importance of Purified Water?

Considering that 70% of our body is composed of water, and we use water for daily needs like drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, and for different industrial uses, water is indeed the most important constituent that we need to survive.

For that, we need purified water and the filter nozzles serve exactly that purpose. Purifying water is more important in remote places where hygiene, sanitation, and unclean drinking water is major concern.

How to Ensure Pure and Clean Water?

The primary objective is to produce clean, safe, and drinkable water for one and all. Filter nozzle manufacturers like ILMAP ensure that they use mostly non-metallic products that are suitable for use in contact with water that’s specially targeted for human use.

Water contains many substances; some good such as nutrients and minerals, and other chemicals such as, algae, bacteria causing parasites, contaminants and more. So, based on the type of water consumption and final use, different techniques are used to treat and purify water. In fact, the filter nozzles are designed specifically for different treatment methods: multimedia filters, carbon filters, ion exchange, and more that help purify water based on the chemicals and the requirement. The nozzles are also available in different materials like stainless steel nozzle and the plastic ones.

Gravity sand filter using sand filter nozzles are biological methods that use sand in the filtering process. This is the most common type of filter.

So, before you select your filter nozzle for water treatment, make sure that you do your research and approach a trusted company like ILMAP that produces WRAS approved filter nozzles for quality water purification.