Centrica Publishes New Report Showing How New Energy Technology Could Meet More than Half of 2030 Carbon Reduction Targets

Centrica plc has today released a new report which shows that new energy technology could meet more than half of the 20% carbon reduction target by 2030 for the healthcare, industry and hospitality sectors, as set out by the Clean Growth Strategy. Published following the IPCC”s report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C, the ”Powering Sustainability” report highlights the opportunity for distributed energy technologies such as battery

100 Wild Elephants Will Be Relocated in One of the Largest Relocations in History From the 9th of September Until End of October 2018, From the Sango Wildlife Conservancy to the Rifa Safari Area Within Zimbabwe

With the kind permission and great support of the Government of Zimbabwe the relocation will take place in Zimbabwe. Under the direction of the Zimbabwean Parks & Wildlife Management Authority as a partner of Sango Wildlife Conservancy and Hemmersbach Rhino Force 100 wild elephants are being relocated.  Over two decades of nature conservation, the sustainable use of wildlife populations and intensive protection against poachers impressively demonstrates how successful nature conservation

Festive Feelings with Little White Lies - New Study from Braun Reveals what Reactions to Christmas Gifts Really Mean

If a loved one declares ‘It”s lovely’ when opening a gift from you, you may want to double check that you”ve hung on to the receipt, according to research. A poll of 2,000 adults revealed 86 per cent of Brits spare the feelings of others by telling little white lies around the Christmas tree. Shockingly, 58 per cent of adults confess to putting only some of last year”s gifts to